Proposed Strategies and Political Agenda

“Today, it can be challenging to find leaders who are not influenced by the entities responsible for the issues we currently face—the Congress, the bureaucracy, lobbyists, large corporations, and major labor organizations.”

My dear fellow Americans,

As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, the future of our great nation hangs in the balance. In this critical moment, I humbly present myself as the neutral candidate from the Green Party who can lead America toward a brighter, more inclusive, and more prosperous tomorrow. 

I will be honored to serve as President of the United States if elected in May 2024. My top priority is to ensure a prosperous future for our great nation. I will give you a rundown of my ambitious plans so you’ll have a deeper assessment of what I can do should I be elected President of the United States. This is very crucial, so voters like you realize that I have what it takes to lead our country—that I am a visionary leader who can find solutions to the pressing issues that plague American society today.

One of the strategies that I will pursue as President of the United States is the strengthening of the US dollar. My strategy includes visiting smaller nations around the world to build relationships with leaders and discuss potential trade deals.

The American dollar is the most powerful currency in the world, but we need to make it even stronger. By visiting smaller nations and building relationships with their leaders, we can create new opportunities for trade and investment. This will help strengthen the dollar and boost the American economy.

Moreover, my strategy includes visiting Mexico and Canada in January to discuss trade relations and security cooperation. In February, I will visit the Caribbean islands to discuss economic development and disaster relief. In March, I will visit Central America to discuss immigration reform and security cooperation. In April, I will visit South America to discuss trade relations and energy cooperation. In May, I will visit Africa to discuss investment opportunities and development assistance.

I will also visit Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand in the coming years. I will meet with the leaders of these countries to discuss trade relations, security cooperation, and other issues.

I am committed to strengthening the American dollar and boosting the American economy. By visiting smaller nations around the world, I will create new opportunities for trade and investment. This will help strengthen the dollar and make America even stronger.

This is a possible itinerary for my trips to smaller nations, with a projection of events through time, to strengthen the American dollar:

Year 1:

January: Visit Mexico and Canada to discuss trade relations and security cooperation.

February: Visit the Caribbean islands to discuss economic development and disaster relief.

March: Visit Central America to discuss immigration reform and security cooperation.

April: Visit South America to discuss trade relations and energy cooperation.

May: Visit Africa to discuss investment opportunities and development assistance.

Year 2:

June: Visit Asia to discuss trade relations and security cooperation.

July: Visit the Middle East to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and regional security.

August: Visit Europe to discuss trade relations and security cooperation.

September: Visit Australia and New Zealand to discuss trade relations and security cooperation.

October: Visit the Pacific Islands to discuss economic development and climate change.

Year 3:

November: Visit the remaining countries in the world that I have not yet visited.

December: Attend the G20 summit and the UN General Assembly.

This is just a rough itinerary, and I may need to adjust it based on my priorities and the political climate. However, it should give you a good starting point for planning my trips.

Here are some additional tips for strengthening the American dollar:

Invest in infrastructure: Investing in infrastructure can create jobs and boost the economy, which can help strengthen the dollar.

Reduce the national debt: Reducing the national debt can make the United States more attractive to investors, which can also help to strengthen the dollar.

Promote free trade: Free trade can help boost the economy and create jobs, which can also help strengthen the dollar.

In summary, here are the highlights of my travel itinerary:

Year 1: Build relationships with leaders of smaller nations and discuss potential trade deals.

Year 2: Sign trade deals with smaller nations and start to see the benefits of these deals.

Year 3: Continue to build relationships with the leaders of smaller nations and expand trade relations.

By following these strategies, I can help strengthen the American dollar and improve the economy for all Americans. A strong dollar can help keep inflation in check by lowering the cost of imported goods and services. This in turn helps maintain price stability and keeps the cost of living manageable for citizens. Most importantly, it will fill the gap in our country’s Congressional budget and help fix current deficits.

US Budget and Deficit: 10-year projection based on the Congressional Budget Office's (CBO) economic projections:

Year, Budget | Deficit

------- | -------- | --------

2023 | $6.27 trillion | $1.39 trillion

2024 | $6.76 trillion | $1.49 trillion

2025 | $7.25 trillion | $1.59 trillion

2026 | $7.74 trillion | $1.69 trillion

2027 | $8.23 trillion | $1.79 trillion

2028 | $8.72 trillion | $1.89 trillion

2029 | $9.21 trillion | $1.99 trillion

2030 | $9.70 trillion | $2.09 trillion

2031 | $10.19 trillion | $2.19 trillion

The CBO projects that the federal budget deficit will average $1.6 trillion per year over the next 10 years. This is a significant increase from the current deficit of $1.39 trillion. The CBO's projections are based on a number of assumptions, including the assumption that interest rates will remain low and that economic growth will remain moderate.

There are a number of factors that could contribute to the projected increase in the deficit. These factors include the aging population, which will put a strain on Social Security and Medicare, and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The CBO's projections are not set in stone. If economic growth is stronger than expected or if interest rates rise, the deficit could be lower than projected. However, if economic growth is weaker than expected or if interest rates remain low, the deficit could be higher than projected.

The projected increase in the deficit is a major challenge for the federal government. The government will need to find ways to reduce the deficit, or it will face a number of problems, including higher interest rates and a decline in the value of the dollar.

My fellow Americans, together we can shape a prosperous and united America that stands as a beacon of hope and progress for the world. I am committed to being a President for all, listening to your concerns, and ensuring your voices are heard in shaping our collective future. 

Let us embark on this journey together, and together we will build a stronger, more inclusive nation for generations to come. Vote for me as your President and let’s make history together. 

Jorge Zavala
Presidential Candidate, Green Party



Presidential Candidate Jorge Zavala Addresses The Ineffectiveness of U.S. Government Branches and Proposes Solutions for Change

To my fellow Americans,

Today, I would like to speak out on the current state of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the United States government. I firmly believe that the true purpose of government is to uphold the best interests of the people. However, it is clear that these branches are failing to adequately assist the citizens in various crucial areas.

The executive branch, responsible for implementing laws passed by Congress, has become increasingly politicized, resulting in slow or non-existent enforcement of unpopular regulations among the political base. Both the Trump and Biden administrations have not met their goals, with the Trump administration refusing to implement Obama’s policy regulations on environmental protection and healthcare, while the Biden Administration lags behind on fulfilling campaign promises.

The legislative branch, entrusted with creating laws, has suffered from escalating gridlock, impeding the passage of significant legislation on issues such as immigration reform, gun control, and climate change.

In light of recent events, the judicial branch has also come under scrutiny, as the Supreme Court’s decisions have faced public backlash due to allegations of increased politicization. Notably, the overturning of Roe v. Wade, a watershed moment in abortion rights, has sparked widespread disapproval.

To address these issues and restore the government's effectiveness, I would like to propose several solutions aimed at empowering the people. First, I would like to advocate for reducing the influence of money in politics by implementing stricter campaign contribution and lobbying regulations. Moreover, I would like to suggest making political engagement more accessible to ordinary citizens, facilitating their ability to run for office and making their voices heard.

Furthermore, I would like to emphasize the urgency of congressional reform, highlighting the need to revisit the filibuster rule in the Senate and consider expanding the House of Representatives to streamline the legislative process. Equally important is the appointment of judges who possess a deep commitment to interpreting the law fairly and impartially.

The forthcoming President of the United States will hold an unprecedented opportunity to enact change within the executive branch. Appointing new cabinet secretaries aligned with the President's agenda and issuing executive orders will be crucial steps in this direction. Collaboration with Congress across party lines will be paramount in passing legislation to address the country's pressing challenges. Additionally, the President's authority to appoint Supreme Court justices cannot be underestimated, as their tenure will profoundly shape the nation's legal landscape for years to come.

I would like to emphasize the role citizens play in making a difference within the political landscape. Voting for candidates committed to effective governance, expressing concerns to elected officials, and actively engaging in the political process through volunteering, donations, and candidacy can reshape the future of America.



Jorge Zavala

Presidential Candidate, Green Party

Citizens for Jorge Zavala




Strengthening the American Dollar and Fostering Sustainable Economic Growth

I am thrilled to announce a groundbreaking approach aimed at fortifying the American dollar and fostering sustainable economic growth within the United States. With a primary focus on establishing positive relationships with smaller countries, particularly those struggling with political control and underdeveloped resources, our strategy seeks to enhance the value and longevity of the American dollar.

By engaging with smaller nations and utilizing their currency, such as the peso, which often holds a relatively weaker value compared to the American dollar, i aim to forge alliances that will benefit both parties. These countries possess tremendous untapped resources that, with proper development and protection, can bolster their economies and generate mutual growth.

To ensure the success of this approach, i advocate for detaching lobbyists within the United States while redirecting corporations to participate in the industrialization, strengthening, and reconstruction of these smaller nations. By encouraging congressional trade, fostering ethical practices, and promoting development, we create a cycle in which the money invested in these countries is eventually reinvested back into the American economy.

My ultimate goal is to explore the possibility of converting these countries into American territories, establishing safer travel routes, implementing fair trade practices, and enhancing negotiation credibility with larger nations such as Europe, China, India, the Middle East, Australia, and Russia. This process, anchored by the strengthened value of the American dollar, will encourage other nations to follow suit and invest in their own development, consequently enhancing global stability and prosperity.

The implementation of this strategy is not only necessary but also crucial for sustaining future growth and development within the United States. The stability and value of the American dollar are paramount, and by forging these new alliances and fostering economic interdependence, we can safeguard our currency from potential decline.

As we embark on this transformative journey, it is essential for individuals and organizations to lend their support. Together, we can revitalize the American dollar, solidify our economic position on the global stage, and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.


Jorge Zavala

Presidential Candidate, Green Party

Citizens for Jorge Zavala




Jorge Zavala's Presidential Campaign Takes a Stand to Reform and Abolish Homelessness in America, Ensuring Safety, Equality, and Economic Growth

To my fellow Americans,

As a Presidential candidate, I have set forth an imperative strategy to address and eradicate homelessness in the United States. Recognizing the inhumane and unethical nature of having individuals without shelter on our streets, I highlight the need to combat this pressing issue. With homelessness escalating at an alarming rate, exemplified by the negative impact experienced in cities like San Francisco, I outline a comprehensive approach aimed at fostering safe communities, economic stability, and providing essential assistance to those affected.

The rise in homelessness has led to adverse consequences, such as an increase in social tensions within communities. Homeless individuals often resort to taking what they need, living in tents, hidden corners, and engaging in drug use on the streets. This contributes to a surge in drug-related crimes, prostitution, burglaries, theft, and the spread of diseases. Moreover, a significant portion of the homeless population also grapples with mental health issues, necessitating the establishment of rehabilitation facilities for proper assistance and development of mental well-being.

I emphasize the need to address the root causes of homelessness, such as job loss and subsequent eviction. This cycle perpetuates societal problems, leaving many individuals trapped in a web of homelessness, substance abuse, and mental health challenges. America cannot turn a blind eye.



Jorge Zavala

Presidential Candidate, Green Party

Citizens for Jorge Zavala





Jorge Zavala's Presidential Campaign Envisions a Prosperous Future through Engaged Participation: Empowering America's Children and Youth

To my fellow Americans,

My Presidential campaign takes a powerful stance on prioritizing the growth and development of children and youth in America. In order to create a prosperous new era, I emphasize providing ample opportunities for children to freely engage, interact, and contribute to their communities. Key initiatives include comprehensive gun control reform, enhancing community safety measures, expanding recreational facilities and parks, and easing the financial burden of higher education for a brighter future.

Ensuring the safety of children is of paramount importance. I advocate for substantial gun control reform to create secure environments where children can flourish. By doubling the presence of police officers, communities can enjoy increased safety, thereby fostering stable and thriving neighborhoods. This fundamental step will provide the necessary foundation for children to develop and thrive.

Recognizing the importance of play and interaction in shaping young minds and character, I  intend to invest in more recreational facilities and parks. By doing so, children will have the opportunity to grow, play, and engage in activities that stimulate positive moral development. Encouraging outdoor play and interaction will reduce the excessive reliance on video games and social media, which often contribute to stress and social disconnection among children. Through these efforts, I aim to promote healthier, happier, and more engaged youth.

In line with this vision, I advocate for a significant expansion of extracurricular activities within schools. By providing a wide array of options, children will have the opportunity to explore their passions, develop new skills, and build strong social connections. Such investments will bolster the overall educational experience and promote a well-rounded development for children.

In order to ensure equal access to higher education and alleviate the burden of financial debt, I propose measures to facilitate easier pathways to college. This will enable our children to pursue their dreams and contribute to the development of a prosperous nation. Through job creation and economic opportunities, I seek to secure a prosperous future, eradicating the stress and uncertainty for children transitioning from school to employment.

Ultimately, I envision a nation where our children are safe, thriving, and empowered to lead. By instilling a sense of patriotism and emphasizing the importance of their participation in the democratic process, I aim to cultivate a future generation of engaged citizens contributing to the development of a prosperous and fair United States.


Jorge Zavala

Presidential Candidate, Green Party

Citizens for Jorge Zavala