Presidential Candidate Jorge Zavala Unveils Bold Vision for a Sustainable United States - Green Party Presidential candidate.

Jorge Zavala, shares his compelling vision for a more sustainable and prosperous United States. Rooted in the principles of job creation and promoting green technology companies, Zavala aims to challenge monopolistic practices prevalent among large corporations.

With a focus on modifying existing vehicles to utilize ethanol or water-based engines, his goal is to drive impactful development through cost-effective and efficient solutions. Recognizing the urgency of the global crisis, Zavala emphasizes the need for immediate action. The diminishing availability of limited natural resources further highlights the necessity of swift intervention.

To address these challenges, he proposes redirecting efforts towards converting cars to low-cost and efficient water-based or ethanol-fueled engines, eliminating the extended delays associated with transitioning to electric vehicles. This proactive strategy aims to preserve the Earth's resources and alleviate the global crisis.

To showcase the viability of these solutions, Zavala's website features a dedicated Green Tech Knowledge page. This resource highlights examples of available technologies that can be leveraged to drive environmental preservation and job creation. Notable technologies include water purification systems such as water vortex implosion systems and innovative utilization of fiber optics to bring free sunlight into homes, reducing reliance on traditional electricity and solar panels.

In addition, Zavala advocates for air purification initiatives and prioritizes the use of biofuels in manufacturing and shipping. He also stresses the importance of groundbreaking technologies, such as welding with water using a 3500 welding kit, which has the potential to revolutionize aerospace and modern automobile engine injection systems. These adaptations and modifications not only contribute to job growth but also reduce costs, time, and greenhouse emissions associated with traditional practices.

Zavala's primary objective is to revitalize and industrialize America, strengthening the economy while leading the world in green technologies. His initiatives aim to create a robust workforce deeply committed to sustainability.

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