Article I: Statehood and Territorial Sovereignty
Section 1: Statehood
1.1 Palestine is an independent and sovereign state, with full territorial integrity, recognized within internationally accepted borders.
Section 2: Territorial Sovereignty
2.1 The territory of Palestine shall encompass [specific territories to be determined through negotiation, taking into account historical, demographic, and practical considerations].
2.2 The borders of Palestine shall be based on internationally recognized boundaries, historic agreements, and United Nations resolutions.
Section 3: Capital City
3.1 The capital city of Palestine is Jerusalem, a city of historical, cultural, and religious significance to all parties involved.
3.2 Jerusalem shall be an open and accessible city to all, respecting and preserving the religious freedom and rights of all communities, while ensuring the proper administration of its various quarters.
Section 4: Territorial Integrity and International Borders
4.1 The territorial integrity and sovereignty of Palestine, including its airspace, territorial waters, and natural resources, shall be respected and protected.
4.2 Palestine shall have the right to control and regulate its borders, subject to internationally recognized laws and agreements, while maintaining cooperation and coordination with neighboring states and international actors.
Section 5: Peaceful Relations and Border Disputes
5.1 Palestine shall seek peaceful and mutually beneficial relations with its neighboring states and nations, based on the principles of good neighborliness, cooperation, and non-interference.
5.2 Any disputes related to borders or territorial claims shall be resolved through peaceful negotiation and diplomatic means, in accordance with international law and relevant international agreements.
Section 6: International Recognition and Membership
6.1 Palestine shall actively pursue international recognition and memberships in multilateral organizations and bodies, striving for full and equal participation in the international community.
6.2 Palestine shall respect international treaties, conventions, and agreements that it has ratified, and adhere to the principles of international law and human rights.
Section 7: Amendments
7.1 This article may be amended through a constitutional process that ensures wide participation and requires a two-thirds majority in the [relevant governing body].
7.2 Any proposed amendments must uphold the principles enshrined in this constitution and align with the internationally recognized rights and obligations of Palestine.