Press Release: Jorge Zavala on Embracing Three Truths

Press Release: Jorge Zavala on Embracing Three Truths

Jorge Zavala on Embracing Three Truths: Personal, Political, and Objective

In a world often filled with conflicting perspectives and biased information, it is crucial to empower individuals with the ability to navigate through multiple truths. Today, I am excited to share a movement aimed at teaching people how to think critically and embrace three truths: personal, political, and objective.

Understanding personal truths, which are deeply held beliefs and values, allows individuals to navigate their own lives and make meaningful decisions. By acknowledging political truths, we create room for accepting and engaging with diverse perspectives in order to drive collective progress. Finally, tapping into objective truth requires the utilization of data and skepticism in order to uncover a deeper understanding of the world around us.

By advocating for the importance of embracing these three truths, I aim to guide individuals toward enlightenment, growth, and development. Objectivity and the pursuit of positive outcomes, even in the face of uncertainty, lay the foundation for scientific progress and informed decision-making. I urge everyone to challenge confirmation bias and reject unreliable sources, as inspiration for the truth.

In our pursuit of creating a more united society, it is imperative to recognize the flaws within our current democratic system. Prejudice and discrimination have infiltrated our societal fabric, leading to a diminishing value of individual rights in the eyes of the wealthy few. The growing divide between the wealthy and the everyday citizen is hindering progress and stifling self-preservation, thus thwarting crucial investments in education, healthcare, and employment opportunities.

Together, we must stand against unjust corruption and bring back the essence of democracy, which puts power back into the hands of the people. By encouraging individuals to exercise their right to vote and believe in themselves, we can collectively make a difference. This movement is not centered around one person or a single candidacy; it is about inspiring unity, amplifying the voices of the common man, and actively participating in the restoration of American values.

As a candidate for the upcoming presidential election, I, Jorge Zavala, understand firsthand the challenges faced by the working class, the backbone of America. My commitment to justice, democracy, and the empowerment of everyday citizens unifies people from different walks of life. Whether or not I become president, my candidacy is a testament to my dedication and serves as an inspiration to others.

I urge all of you, my dear fellow Americans, to take a stand and exercise your right to vote. Together, we can bring about meaningful change and revive the democratic spirit that our great nation was built upon. Join the Citizens for Jorge Zavala movement in supporting my candidacy as President of the United States under the Green Party. As a Presidential candidate, I understand the struggles and aspirations of the common man, and I aim to create a brighter future for all!

Jorge Zavala
Presidential Candidate, Green Party
Citizens for Jorge Zavala


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