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Citizens for Jorge Zavala

Petition against the funding abuse of super PACs

Petition against the funding abuse of super PACs

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To my fellow Americans,

Use the power of your signature to change America for the better. 

Join me in urging the eradication or significant reform against the funding abuse of super PACs of Presidential candidates in the United States. This transformative petition aims to restore the integrity of our democracy by curbing the influence of money in politics.

Together, we can champion transparency, fairness and ensure that the voices of the ordinary citizens are heard louder than the deep pockets. Take a stand for a government truly by the people by signing this petition today!

How to sign your FREE petition:

1. Click Sign & Add to Cart.

2. Sign pdf.

3. Fill out your info.

4. Click submit.

5. Click Add to Cart.

6. Click checkout and complete your order.

Once order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email, while I receive a copy of your signed petition.

Your signed petition will be forwarded to the necessary authorities with the power to look into it and enforce requested reforms. You can sign as many petitions as you wish.

Your support to the cause and my candidacy is greatly appreciated!

Together, let's make a difference. 


Jorge Zavala

Presidential Candidate

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