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Miracle Spritz

Multipurpose and Antibacterial Cleaner Strawberry Spring 8oz by Miracle Spritz

Multipurpose and Antibacterial Cleaner Strawberry Spring 8oz by Miracle Spritz

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Use this unique multi-purpose multi -surface formula to simply clean and disinfects your entire household in 1 easy step without rinsing and streaking. Leaves a professional shine with no residue and build up. Clean your entire home such as kitchen bathrooms, furniture, glass, walls electronics, fabrics, wood.

  • Leaves crystal clear shining on glass
  • Leaves an elegant look on cabinets and furniture
  • Leaves a bright clean shine on porcelain
  • Leaves a distinctive feel and look on carpet and upholstery
  • Leaves a brilliant high luster shine on stainless steel with metal and chrome.
  • Safely wipe down walls painted surfaces and wallpaper.
  • Safely clean electronics and display screen with a touch of class. Resist finger prints and smudges.

Miracle Spritz is a ready to use formula Eco safe, Eco Green that can safely clean round children and pets. Has a high surface area that extend and maximizes your cleaning area. 32oz can effectively clean your entire household. For professional use 24oz has had a maximum extended efficiency range up to 35,000 square feet.

Intended for home, institutional and industrial use. This includes: Clinics, Dental Offices, Health Care Facilities, Hospitals, Medical Offices, Nursing Homes, Bars, Restaurants, Athletic Facilities, Business and Office Buildings, Colleges, Exercise Facilities, Factories, Hotels, Institutional Facilities, Locker Rooms, Playground Equipment; Prisons, Schools, Airplanes, Airports, Cars, Day Care Centers, and Military Facilities.

    Cleaning Instruction:

    • Spray overall surfaces with an even light mist
    • In a quick like motion, wipe entire area using a micro fiber towel.
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